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We're Organic to Our Roots


Organic Produce

It’s produce we love growing for our family and are proud to serve it to your family too.

Growing organic fruits and vegetables is more than a business for us. It’s a way of living ... a vocation if you will. The fruit and vegetable varieties we grow all come from traditional plant breeding methods. We do not use seeds from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All of our produce is USDA Certified. We grow some of the western hemisphere’s finest organics.


Organic Living

Healthy choices are good for the body as well as the environment

Our customers include people who have just started their healthy eating journey as well as those who have been eating organics for many years.  We are a resource for people who believe that it’s important to know what you put in your body and in your home.  Our website, blog and social media outlets provide great information for our friends who are learning what it means to build a healthy life.


Growing Practices

We see farming as a stewardship, leaving the planet better than you found it

Theojary Crisantes, who has successfully passed his family's organic farm and greenhouses on to his three sons, once defined organic practices simply as "a way of doing agriculture with common sense and with a deep understanding of the local ecosystem where you need to have a love for the earth and an ingenuity for growing, rather than abusing the earth with agrochemicals."

  • 100% of our consumer package is recyclable
  • We produce 34% of the power we consume using our photovoltaic solar energy system
  • Our increased used of reusable plastic containers eliminated the need for 150,000 pounds of cardboard boxes


Finest Growers

Combining a deep love of organics, years of growing experience, cutting edge technology and university training produces growers who are uniquely qualified lead our farms, greenhouses and shadehouses.

Adrian Crisantes
Theojary Crisantes


Family History

Wholesum Family Farms is one of North America’s fastest growing organic producers with farming and greenhouse operations in the US and Mexico.

Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis, a Greek immigrant, planted his first crop in Sinaloa, Mexico in 1930.  Now, more than 80 years later, his son Theojary and three grandsons, Theojary Jr., Ricardo and Adrian are leading the company.

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